8 Wise Ways To Hide Your Holiday Gifts

Dated: 12/12/2018

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Believe it or not, finding a good place to hide all of your Christmas treasures is almost as tricky as finding a good deal sometimes! If you've got curious kids or a nosy spouse, you may have to crafty about where you're hiding the holiday gifts. If someone is dedicated to hunting for the hidden Christmas gifts, they'll probably find them no matter where you hide them. With a few of these tricks, you may be able to throw them off for a few more days.

Change It Up

Don't get too stuck on putting everything in the same place each year. If you hid the gifts in the attic last year, try the garage this year and vice versa. However, if you see a certain child or partner hunting a little too close, don't be afraid to move the gifts at your next opportunity.

Use an Underwear Drawer

No one likes going in those to search for things. Obviously, you shouldn't put large things here, but small items usually fit in these drawers nicely. Jewelry, stocking stuffers, and other small accessories can be stashed here and easily overlooked if someone is snooping.

The Neighbor's House

If you've got serious snoopers, ask your neighbors if they have space to hide some gifts. This keeps kids and spouses from asking "hey, what's in this box?" or "who's that for?" Maybe you can return the favor by hiding some of their Christmas gifts at the same time or in the future. This is particularly useful for big gifts like cars, bikes, grills, etc.

Up High

If your children are still small, utilize the high shelves in all of your closets. Put the bags behind clothes, pots, and pans, or cleaning products where they just can't reach them.

In Luggage

Think about it - suitcases often sit empty or in storage around the house. Fill them up with gifts and no one will notice anything about your clever hiding spot!

In a Forbidden Room

Are the kids not allowed in the basement or dad's home office? Use those rooms! Stash the gifts in drawers or any other concealed place should they wander into the forbidden area.

Car Trunk

For little kiddos, this is an easy one. For adult partners, you'll have to reconsider this idea. Kids probably won't be popping the trunk without you, but adults may need to because of travel or groceries. If you need to be really sneaky, consider using the wheel well where your spare tire sits, there may be hidden space there.

Rent a Storage Unit

Renting a small storage unit for just a month is simple! If you've got a lot of gifts to hide, a lot of houseguests or perhaps someone you know will be rifling through every nook and cranny to find gifts - this is definitely an option. Depending on where you want to store your items in the Indianapolis Metro area, rates for small storage units run anywhere from $25-$45 per month.

Stay on your toes this holiday season and you’ll surely keep those prying eyes away from your gifts. Good luck hiding your holiday goodies!

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8 Wise Ways To Hide Your Holiday Gifts

Believe it or not, finding a good place to hide all of your Christmas treasures is almost as tricky as finding a good deal sometimes! If you've got curious kids or a nosy spouse, you may have to

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